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As Yet Unwritten

When does poetry unfold?

Does it unfold the moment I lift my hand, lift a pen, let it drip, dip into ink, paper, water, wood, sand, stone

Does it unfold the moment your makeshift wand conjures one more universe

Does it unfold when the universe gives birth to another

Does it unfold when that universe, the one after this, brings forth light in balls of breath, spheres of dust, rings of fire


What unfolds when they erupt, explode?

Light? Dark? Matter?

Light! Dark! Stars!

Does poetry unfold when magma moulds, mildew brings forth soil soaking under the moonlight when the tide comes

and goes over, under

over   under

pushing   pulling

in   out   push   pull

over   in   grind   out

under   push   in

out   pull   over

under   ground

Does it unfold when a child is born, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine million bodies and souls

Does it unfold when a child is born once, twice, thrice, out of pulling and pushing universes, celestial bodies, forces unknown

high over the clouds

deep under water

in one womb

out of reach

short of air, breath, words

Does poetry unfold when you lift your hand, lift your pen, let it drip, seep into paper, wood, roots, soil, earth, planet, sun, stars, galaxies, universes, verses, words as yet unwritten on paper, wood, metal, glass, sand, stone, memory?

When does poetry unfold?

Performance/Installation (GSIS Museum of Art, 2014)