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Two Thousand and Twenty Years: An Anthology by KJCA

two thousand and twenty years: an anthology

After two thousand and twenty years of apathy, society faces retribution — not in the wake of a messianic God but instead in the hands of a merciless Fatherdom. Millions have died, whilst billions await their judgement.

Impassioned speech is all throughout regarded as illicit, unless rendered as mere erotic or romantic expression. Short of committing a punishable act, one writer took the task of chronicling accounts of various fateful events that transpired in AD 2020 for posterity’s sake. How many more are doing the same thing? The writer wondered.

The undertaking is not only contentious of course, but also necessary. A brutal regime is on the rise and, soon enough, all of literature shall undergo mandatory reformation in the hands of fandom.

Following the success of  for love and poetry in 2012, two thousand and twenty years offers another anthology of poetry by artist and writer Kristian Jeff Cortez Agustin.

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